Blog Post Five

In the past two trimesters of A.P. Government, we have learned about a multitude of things ranging from what political participation of the electorate is to the enumerated powers of Congress. One key concept we studied this year is increasing party polarization. Our textbook defines party polarization as, “the growing gap between the stands of … Continue reading Blog Post Five


Peace Cross in Maryland. Photo from The Washington Post. In The Order of the Phoenix, J .K. Rowling’s 5th installment of the Harry Potter series, there is a professor named Dolores Umbridge. Professor Umbridge makes “Educational Decrees” the students must follow or face severe punishment, for example, Educational Decree Number Twenty-Seven: Any student found in … Continue reading PROCLAMATION–Blog Post No. 4

Civil Society and a Free Press

The United States is a democracy. There are four basic concepts vital for sustaining democracy: judicial independence, a free press, opposition political parties, and civil society. For this post, I will be focusing on the importance civil society and a free press. Free press, as defined by is, “a body of book publishers, news … Continue reading Civil Society and a Free Press